The first ITTC user orientation training ended successfully

 On 26th Apr. 2019, an ITTC user orientation training was ended successfully. It is the first time ITTC has conducted basic training for new users.



The training includes lots of topics such as how to choose test methods, how to submit test application, how to send test sample and how to read test repot, etc. And most of the participants in the training are new IKEA suppliers who are just starting to use ITTC testing services, or those who want to know the sample delivery requirements.



We set up testing work flow introduction, lab tour, case study and group discussion in the training. Everyone participates in the discussion actively and hands-on learning online application test. 



The result of training survey showed that the satisfaction is very high. Most of people hoped that there would be more detailed testing introduction next time, since understanding the testing process will help the improvement of product quality.



As the training started, deputy GM Mindy Pan said:” ITTC can not only support the testing services, but also provide technical support to improve IKEA product quality.” The training is expected more than to strengthen communication, to deepen cooperation with IKEA suppliers, It’s to provide strong support for all related stakeholders to improve the quality of IKEA products.


It is confirmed that the second ITTC user orientation training would be held at ITTC this August. Please feel free to contact us if you have the needs.

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